E – Earthquake 1139

As I write this, Azerbaijan, The Land of Fire, is mourning its sons lost in the oil rig fire in Guneshli field, near Baku – The City of Winds. Which only goes to prove that the forces of nature have had a significant impact on the history of Azerbaijan which is being shaped by them as we speak.

Ganja is of no exception.  If you are ever to visit the town, the earthquake of  1139 without a doubt will be brought to your attention. Having been hit by many earthquakes, the last one of which has taken place in March 2015, the 1139 natural disaster remains in the memory of the people as the time of great grief, but also the time of a significant change that defined the landscape of the surrounding area. Having nearly destroyed the city, this earthquake has also given birth to the lake Göygöl and seven smaller lakes in the area.

As the forces of nature continue taking their toll and turn what happened in the oil rigs on Caspian Sea into another piece of history, I would like to stop for a moment and dedicate this post to those gone missing in the Guneshli field:

1 Gasimov İman 01.12.1967

2 Gasimov Mubariz 21.01.1958

3 Guliyev Fakhraddin 05.01.1957

4 Rzahanov Edik 15.01.1983

5 Babazade Tural 01.09.1993

6 Guliyev Azizaga 16.09.1953

7 Rasulov Elshad 24.03.1971

8 Gasimov Bayram 20.03.1978

9 Abdullayev Adil 19,02,1953

10 Tagıyev Fuad 23.02.1981

11 Abdulazizov Abdulaziz 30.01.1954

12 Shiraliyev İzzet 10.05.1973

13 Nadjmadinnov Gemershah 20.09.1978

14 Niyazov Seyfaddin 09.02.1968

15 Babayev Mikayil 06.11.1963

16 İskenderov İnqilab 29.11.1957

17 Mahmudov Aga. 24.03.1968

18 Mayborda Oleq 21.11.1971

19 Mayilov Samir 07.03.1984

20 Ahmedov Janbakhish 21.02.1962

21 İbrahimov Khalid 12.08.1971

22 Hasanov Zaur 24.12.1975

23 Jariyev Vali 22.04.1967

24 Guseynov Behlul 25.11.1969

25 Isgenderov Habil 05.03.1965

26 Samedov Hoshbext 26.09.1981

27 Hasanov Ramiz 02.08.1965

28 Khalilov Zaur 15.09.1975

29 Sahmarov Sahib 02.08.1973

30 Aliyev Ayyub 22.07.1973

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