Conversations before bed time

I speak to you most of the time. Most of the time, I speak to you, I seem to always have someone to talk to. In my head.

Do you talk to someone in your head? Is it something that everyone does? Is it something that normal people do? Is it quite normal?

I wonder what’s it like in their heads? I wonder what’s life like in the heads of the normal people? I wonder what’s it like in their hearts? What’s it like being quite normal?

I seem to always have someone to talk to. In my head. It makes everything soft and warm. It calms me down a little. It makes everything else go quiet.

Not in person, though, it’s not quite the same talking to someone in person. Whenever I open my mouth to say something, it just gets all messed up. It gets really messy when I start saying things out loud. I just mess everything up. In my head these thoughts, they are quite perfect, they are so perfectly crafted in there. They’re so beautiful.

That’s why I talk to you, I guess, most of the time I just talk to you in my head cuz’ that’s where everything makes sense. Cuz’ that’s where everything’s quite perfect. It’s so good to know someone’s there. Someone’s listening.

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