N – Nizami Ganjavi

Even to those without the slightest interest in poetry, Nizmi Ganjavi will leave an impression. As a writer and a creator of the 12th century, Ganja-born Nizami Ganjavi had an extensive influence throughout the Caucasian countries. The traces of his works and ideas can be found  everywhere in the city, but, of course, the most consolidated source of knowledge about him lies in Nizami’s museum which is located next to the park built in his memory where he was also buried.

We had these three very different guides while visiting the museum, the third one of which was such a knowledgeable person who knew every little detail about Nizami’s life and work and spoke perfect English, but she was so shy to speak that she kept asking for someone to translate instead. This appeared to me as a common trait especially among the women in Azerbaijan – though definitely bright and fluent in more than one language, they often lack the confidence to use their own abilities. If you’re ever stopping by this museum, definitely find that sweet and knowledgeable guide and encourage her to speak English. She’s great.


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