O – Odlar Yurdu

“Odlar Yurdu” is a youth organisation behind the “Ganja 2016 in the Stories of Young European Writers” project. As stated in their official description, the mission and purpose of the organization is the implementation of activities in the field of education, culture, environment, business, sports and, interestingly, spirituality which is a subject often overlooked in many youth organisations I have come across.

From my experience, the members of the organisation are not only bright, active and friendly youngsters who make wonderful hosts, but also deeply soulful people with the kindness of the heart that shines through in everything they do. Spirituality is the word that we’re often afraid to use for it gets associated with religion, but for me it doesn’t have to be related to any religion in a traditional sense. It’s the quality in people which makes them shine like a fire, which makes them powerful, lively, and, very importantly, warm.

Odlar Yurdu, or”The Land of Fire”, is definitely the most appropriate name for this group.


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