I curl my toes when I walk past someone I like. That’s the expression of joy. A shy lil’ expression of silently falling in love. In that sense, I have never been a faithful partner in a relationship. There was always a glance of a stranger, gentle kiss on a cheek, tender touch… That was enough to inspire the thought of being in love which was way more powerful than the actual reality of loving.

Tenderness, only the memory of tenderness will always remain. A sweet memory of a touch. It’s not so much the memory of a person as it is the memory of that feeling. Tenderness. Tenderness was sweet. But having learned to transform my sensuality into spirituality, which was always its source in the first place, I cannot say that I regret my calling to withdraw into solitary confinement.

There is only one thing that I ask from God – to never cease giving me opportunities to channel my energy right. To never cease showing me ways to give back the tenderness that throughout all of those years I have been so graciously given.

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