Ə – Əlifba

Əlifba represents the most recent version of the Azerbaijani alphabet. Having changed from the use of Latin letters to Persian and then to Cyrillic symbols, the old alphabet has been resurrected in 1991 and then adjusted to accommodate ‘Ə’ in 1992. As the long history of changes remains coded in the sound of the language, the newly re-established visual representation speaks of its authentic identity which fully claimed its right to exist by resurrecting the “upside down ‘e'” or “schwa” symbol unknown to any other alphabet worldwide. Having caused some technological complications for initially there was no way to type it, ‘schwa’ remains the most frequently used sound in Azerbaijani language. For those wondering how is it to be pronounced – the easiest explanation is to think of a ‘fat cat’. The sound of the letter ‘a’ in this phrase is the equivalent of what this ancient symbol should sound like. Coincidentally – there are plenty of fat cats in Ganja, so you won’t fail to memorize it upon your visit.

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