E X  P   L     O      S       I         O          N            S


I couldn’t focus. There was no way I could concentrate. I’d get little butterflies in my stomach whenever I’d see her. I really tried hard not to look, but I would only take a peak, and there it was – The Beauty.

“You are so beautiful!”

The words kept ringing in my head, but I would never dare to utter them out loud. I’d only sit there mesmerized.

“You are so beautiful”

I’d be rehearsing the phrase in whisper with the passing thought, but I would never say it in the fear of spoiling the moment.


E X  P   L     O      S       I         O          N            S


They can hit you at the strangest moments in life – upon seeing someone, or hearing a song, or gasping in awe of a blissful sensation. Whatever the circumstances – I could never help those tiny little fireworks of joy exploding inside me. They had a life of their own.

Let them last.





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