The secret to a happy life

The secret to a happy life is that there is no secret to a happy life. Sometimes you’re happy and some other times – you’re not. That’s how life rolls. And that’s the only secret you will ever have to know. The scale of human emotion consists of at least six variables – ranging from profound sadness to heart-opening joy. Whichever one of those you’re going through today – stay present. Stay human.

2017 has been an incredible year for me so far. Rich in experiences, inspiring moments and people. But I haven’t forgotten how dark and gloomy it can get. How easily it can all crumble down leaving an aching emptiness inside. That’s why I treasure people. Not only those who’re there to share a joyful moment with, but also, and very importantly so, those who are there to stay through daunting moments. It’s thanks to them I greet the dawn each time that darkest hour falls upon me.

I post this to disturb the de-humanized reality of the perfect virtual world (which I am also guilty of distorting). And, perhaps, to provide consolation to some or to  myself even: if you’re going through a hard time – be kind to yourself. I’m not gonna say: “it’s gonna be fine”. I’m only gonna say – there are people who care. Reach out and find them.

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