Back to the land of the depressed – where the only thing that’s thicker than those increasing millimetres of rainfall, is the air of negativity. Back to the place where you don’t even have to be fifty to be grumpy.

Where “this life sucks”, and “this country sucks” and so do the people ‘coz “everyone is an asshole over here”. And the only thing  that’s good about this country – is this pesimistic outlook you can share.

And so I blame this country for the bad socio-economic situation and for the rainy days; and for the messed-up mental state of the people, and for ‘no jobs’, and for ‘low pays’.

But mainly – I blame it for the corrupt politicians and …

for having argued with my brother during his-all-too short stay.

And I blame it for the things that this country is, but mainly – for the things that I am not.

And I’m running out of things to blame this country for, but it’s so good to blame – I just can’t stop.

And I blame it ‘coz, of course, you have got to have something to blame.

And for a moment I think to myself: “This might have been the greatest day of my life…”

And I didn’t even notice it happen…


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