Have you made it yet?

Every morning I wake up with the thought that I am not enough – not pretty enough to be on stage; not witty enough to be on page; not kind enough to make this world a better place. My insecurities have become my main driving force that made me move forward in life. But there comes a point and you have got to realise that it’s an endless rat-race: if you continue blindly following the norms of “what you should and should not be like”, chances are – you will never be enough.

Self-obsession is a full-time job – and it doesn’t pay. I’ve been taught to impress, I’ve been taught to compare, I’ve been taught to compete. For me each day has become a battle to climb the mountains yet unseen, with never quite enough time to look around and simply just breathe. ‘Coz it feels wrong to take that deep breath of fresh air when there’s endless new norms that “you must live up to” shovelled down your throat.

“Have you made it yet?” has become the new trend in the world as we know it today. It’s the question we wake with and rest with. It’s the disease of the contemporary society where everything’s a “must see” and “must be”. It’s the clog in our respiratory system which only you yourself have the power to remove. So do not choke on it and instead of trying to “become enough” for this world, make the given moment in time be enough for you. For even if you haven’t made it to yet another mountain peak – you have made it here. And the view from round here is just as amazing as it will be from just about anywhere else in the world. ‘Coz it’s your once in a life-time opportunity to witness the world from this very angle. So take your time to look at it.

Live it.

Feel it.

Breathe it.




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